How the iPad app works

Watch the video to see how the Don’t Fret iPad app works, and get more detailed information.

The nitty gritty

Here’s how the iPad app works after signing up.

Before the students and teachers can use the platform:

  1. IT (or alternative) contact signs up for access to one of the DF books: Don’t Fret 1, Don’t Fret 2 and Fretless Theory.
  2. After approval, the school IT Technicians upload school class lists and create each teachers and class-teacher relationships. Bulk uploads are supported. We can assist on this task.
  3. The iOS app is downloaded to students’ iPads and students can log in.

That’s it! Students and teachers are now good to go.

For students and teachers to effectively now use the platform (iOS and web apps):

  1. Students submit answers in the iOS app.
  2. The teacher is notified via an email (daily digest) of marks.
  3. The teacher logs onto the Don’t Fret website and marks answers right or wrong and can add comments.
  4. The student is notified by email that their teacher has corrected the work.
  5. The student can return to the app and incorrect answers can re-attempted and resubmitted.

Free 2 week trial

You can sign up for a free, two-week no obligation trial to fully test the app.

Sign up here for the two week, no-obligation, demo.