Drawing Made Easy

Whether you’re a beginner student, novice art teacher, old hand or just someone who would love to know how to draw, Drawing Made Easy is a welcome and long overdue text.

Each lesson is carefully planned with drawing explained in easy, short and defined steps.

Students will learn basic techniques such as:

  • Correct hold of the pencil and use of eraser
  • Difference between line, pattern and tone
  • How line pattern and tone work together to create drawing
  • Use of observation to clarify understanding of shape
  • How to draw objects in nature, parts of body and larger landscapes


St Brendan-Shaw College in Devonport have been using Drawing Made Easy as a Year 7 and 8 Art text in 2015. We are very happy with the students response to the exercises and information in the workbook. The well set out art skills are perfect for our program and the students can purchase the book in Year 7 and retain it through Year 8. We will be continuing to use Drawing Made Easy in 2016, but we do not know at this stage who will be awarded the Book Agency contract for next year. I can estimate that we will be requiring about 200 books for new students. I hope this is helpful information for your forward planning, and is good feedback from a happy and satisfied customer.
Warm regards, Mrs Lesley Boulton, Art teacher