Don’t Fret 2 iPad app

It’s finally here: Don’t Fret’s iPad App V2. After launching iPad 1, we asked ourselves “what we could do better?”

After 6 months of rebuilding a completely re-designed and re-imagined app, Don’t Fret’s App 2 delivers on the promise of version 1.

So, what’s changed?

Firstly all the Don’t Fret music books–Don’t Fret 1, Don’t Fret 2 and Fretless Theory–are now housed in the one app.

Importantly, the app is faster, cleaner, easier to use and makes a lot more sense.

Features and benefits include:

  • Fully interactive and intuitive, harnessing iPad features: pinch, zoom, swipe and more.
  • Student work can’t be lost: we store answers server-side and in-app.
  • Better student productivity and outcomes.
  • Simple and clear feedback to students.
  • Works on iPad and iPad Mini, retina iPads, landscape and portrait, with fingers or stylus.
  • Teachers can mark from anywhere, anytime.
  • Full support and helpdesk.

To find out more how the iPad app works, click here.

Don’t Fret iPad App 2 trial

To sign up for a no obligation free demo for 30 days, click here. Please note, you’ll be redirected to, which is where we host the actual app functionality for Don’t Fret.