About Don’t Fret

Don’t Fret enables students of all abilities to access sound musical concepts and offers all students the opportunity of achieving success in the practical area.

Over the last 15 years we have created the most innovative and comprehensive teaching resources to be published.

Over 15 years of publication over 600 schools have taken them on as their introductory text with amazing results.

By making the Don’t Fret package part of your Music Program you will:

  • Reduce your preparation time
  • Reduce your marking time
  • Be able to gain maximum use of your lesson time, and
  • Reduce your stress levels

Michael Degenhart Director of Music, Westminster College South Australia

Don’t Fret & Fretless Theory are a refreshing, unique and innovative tool for the young classrooms. A valuable resource for students and teachers to use as a complete package or as separate individual concepts.

Mrs Libby PhillipsB.Ed, A Mus A, L.Mus.A., Dip Mus

Don’t Fret has actually made theory an attractive proposition to my piano students. The rhythm, keyboard and juggling sections are an added bonus and have given a new dimension to the students’ musical learning.